Skyrim fan shows unusual way to pick castles – video

Skyrim fan showed an unusual way to pump locks – video

Reddit user PlanetExpre5510n figured out how to easily pump up the hacking skill in Skyrim. To do so, he went into the hack menu and wrapped the controller so that the right stick was always deflected to the side – so the character would try to unlock the lock until he broke all the picks.

Regardless of the outcome, the hacking skill will gradually increase. Since this kind of power up takes a lot of time, redditor offers a distraction from the game and watch a movie.

In two days, the post received 2,600 hits. Some users shared their pumping tips in the comments.

“I always wrap the controller so that my dude floats toward the wall in Braville,” trevyboy73.

“I press up against the wall and wrap a rubber band around my controller to hold my shield while I get hit by a mud crab. In a few hours I have maximum blocking,” OhadiNacnud.

“I’ve taped a controller so I can cast flames on Tenegreaves without wasting mana on destruction spells,” – minty_god.

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