Sonic the Hedgehog arrives in Minecraft with brand-new DLC

Sonic the Hedgehog arrives in Minecraft with fresh DLC

2021 marks Sonic the Hedgehog‘s 30th anniversary and Sega will be celebrating it in a lot of different ways. Not merely is usually Sega releasing Sonic Shades: Ultimate, but it’s furthermore partnered with a lot of others to launch brand-new Sonic merchandise and provide Sonic to additional games. Among those video games is Minecraft, that is getting fresh Sonic the Hedgehog-themed DLC nowadays.

This Sonic the Hedgehog DLC may be a little unique of what you’d anticipate out of Minecraft DLC. Instead of being a group of skins or a consistency pack, the Sonic the Hedgehog DLC in fact gives Minecraft an unlimited 3D runner offering Sonic the Hedgehog‘s cast of character types and phases.

The state trailer for the DLC, that you can notice above, exhibits us the DLC doing his thing. A lot of the trailer occurs in a phase themed around Environment friendly Hill Area, but we also capture glimpses of Chemical substance Plant Area and Sky Sanctuary Area. There are several acquainted Sonic enemies sprinkled throughout those levels, along with Sonic‘s iconic bands.

It also appears that the Chao from the Sonic Journey video games are signing up for us because of this DLC, but from what level they’ll be featured will be unidentified. Mojang says that you will see a two-7 days server-hub takeover centered for this brand-new DLC and that it’ll function “mini-games and some festive surprises.” Additional information about this server takeover will undoubtedly be published to the state Minecraft Twitter account later on.

Overall, it appears like a good DLC supplying for Sonic the Hedgehog enthusiasts who also eventually have fun with Minecraft. The Sonic x Minecraft DLC are available in the Minecraft Market beginning today.

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