Netflix’s Sexy Beasts actuality show may be the ultimate type of blind dating

Netflix’s Sexy Beasts reality show may be the ultimate type of blind dating

Tv shows that revolve around dating are nothing new, and which may be why Netflix went to fairly extreme lengths to create its installment in the genre stick out. Sexy Beasts is really a new reality show on Netflix that's about blind dates, however, not in the way you imagine. Contestants are fitted with elaborate makeup and prosthetics to totally hide their real selves behind a veneer of wildlife and mythical beasts.

In the past, BBC Three released a weird, amusing blind dating reality Television show called Sexy Beasts. The show revolved round the notion of contestants matching with one another based on personality, not looks, by hiding each person’s appearance using elaborate, cheesy costumes.

Netflix is bringing the show back and giving it a more impressive audience with a two-season order that’ll follow exactly the same general format we saw in the initial series. Each episode will include a one who is single and searching for potential love based first of all on personality, that is where the disguises can be found in.

In accordance with Variety, a complete of 48 different makeup designs were developed for the initial two seasons. Interested viewers can browse the disguises in Netflix’s newly published Sexy Beasts trailer (above) with the premiere date set for July 21. Comedian Rob Delaney will narrate the reboot.

Netflix’s Sexy Beasts original is made by Lion TV, exactly the same company behind the initial BBC Three show. Prior to the Netflix premiere, interested viewers can observe the BBC version of Sexy Beasts free of charge on the ad-supported streaming platform Tubi.

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