LG Velvet 2 Pro leaks show what could have been LG’s last hurrah

LG Velvet 2 Pro leaks present what could have been LG’s final hurrah

LG’s exit from the smartphone marketplace evoked mixed responses. On the one hands, it wasn’t specifically surprising provided the company’s ailing mobile company, but, however, it had been still a unfortunate fate to befall among the former giants of this industry. Despite its greatest efforts, LG wasn’t in a position to make its final phones possible, including what could have already been the world’s very first commercial rollable phone. In addition, it canceled the more “regular” LG Velvet 2 Professional, codenamed LG Rainbow, which abruptly popped up out of nowhere to provide LG enthusiasts a glimpse of what could or must have been.

There is no LG Velvet 2, needless to say, which Velvet 2 Pro is nearly a completely various beast from the initial Velvet in style and specs. As the LG Velvet had been virtually a mid-range telephone marketed as reduced mobile phone, the LG Velvet 2 Pro is high-finish inside and out. Which includes a Snapdragon 888 5G with 8GB of RAM, and, like the majority of high-end phones today, does not have any headphone jack any more.

LG Rainbow (LG Velvet 2 Pro) entrance display with punchhole digital camera and chassis (side control keys and base ports)

OP: https://t.co/keiRkVZhNQ pic.twitter.com/52kthe6Q0SUQ

— Tron ❂ #MicrosoftEvent (@FrontTron) June 23, 2021

With regards to outside appearances, the Velvet 2 Pro in addition has changed a lot. The telephone shown in hands-on pictures and one video clip reveals a punch-hole cutout as opposed to the prior waterdrop notch. The three digital cameras on its back may also be now of equivalent sizes, therefore LG can hardly contact it a Raindrop style anymore.

As the LG Velvet 2 Pro does appear to be a premium phone worth the company’s title, one detail will reveal a possible problem that LG could have confronted if it did release the telephone. Front Tron noted the way the phone ran significantly hotter than an comparative Galaxy S21+. Having said that, the telephone the tipster got could have simply been a pre-release design with bugs and conditions that would have already been sorted out before start.

LG Rainbow (LG Velvet 2 Pro) Temp after 3D Mark Crazy Life Stress Check

Front Display: 58.1 degrees
Back Glass: 59 degrees

The temperature is +10 degrees greater than S21+.
Indeed. It's SD888.
And yes, you may get a low-temp burn off at 60 degrees. pic.twitter.com/SMvfDdZfjk

— Tron ❂ #MicrosoftEvent (@FrontTron) June 23, 2021

Whilst these LG Velvet 2 Pro leaks will make some LG faithful imagine better days, it could also highlight among the causes of LG’s cellular downfall. Had it released the telephone, it would experienced trouble getting a strong position on the market when dealing with famous brands Samsung, OPPO, OnePlus, and Xiaomi. It just could have already been another forgettable option within an already crowded marketplace and could have brought the business more expenses than income.

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